.Two weeks ago, I blogged about taking everything that comes naturally to me and being able to translate all of it into an ever-evolving career path, with the key phrase being "ever-evolving" because I know how much that myself and my team have yet to accomplish. And the best part about all of it is that I love what I do, and that's something that no one can ever put a price tag on.

However, this entry is about not really about any of that. Instead, it's about my appreciation for the people who work the traditional job route, such as flipping burgers and bagging groceries.

Jobs such as those particular two fall into two categories, with them being perfect entry level jobs, and jobs that people need to combat the economic struggles that they still deal with. And because of those two categories, it makes the traditional job route a very nuanced one. And why I say nuanced is because that it is rare to view the traditional job route as such. Especially when you have silver spoon motherfuckers, and the people who have the career positions that they have based on their looks, because people of either ilk are condescending without looking at each situation on its own merits. And that's something that they fail to do more times than not.

I've dealt with people like that throughout my six combined years of middle school and high school, and during my three-year courtship of a particular girl that I've since moved on from, the latter of which involved people associated with her that fit the bill of being condescending to those that work the traditional job route. And when anyone who doesn't have a "glamorous" job title gets treated like that, well then that's not right at all.

The people with "not-so-glamorous" job titles make us tasty food that satisfies our day. The people with "not-so-glamorous" job titles bag our groceries in such a way where everything in those bags travels well upon our returns home. And the people with "not-so-glamorous" job titles always make sure that the public restrooms are sanity to use. I truly appreciate efforts such as those, and many others authored by the many people who have had and still have the "not-so-glamorous" job titles because without them, the deliciousness, organization and cleanliness would cease to exist. And because of all that, quite a few people have to do them. Plus, maybe there are people love having "not-so-glamorous" job titles because of the work that a particular title entails, along with the pride that they take in going above and beyond with a smile on their face every day, no matter what. And because of all that, I'm truly thankful for all that they do.


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